Miniware FAQ

What is Miniware made of?

We love our story and we know you will too. We only use all natural products and all materials come from Nantou County which is home to one of the largest bamboo forests in Taiwan! Our bamboo fiber comes from recycled bamboo furniture and kitchenware (things like chopsticks!) so there is nearly zero waste. Using bamboo reduces the strain on natural resources as its the fastest growing plant on Earth!

Is the surface glossy due to an added surface coating?

Nope! The glossy surface comes from the mold itself with no added materials; the shine occurs naturally from heating at high pressure. The glossy surface also gives a sense of smoothness like beautiful ceramic, so parents do not have to worry about germs and bacteria hiding within the natural material.

Is it normal that the glossy surface becomes less shiny over time? Usually how long will it take to notice a change?  

Yes, it is perfectly normal - we don't add any materials to make the surface shiny (it naturally becomes that way from heating at high pressure, and is part of the material and not a coating) so regular use may over time wear down the shiny surface in places. 

The area affected and time it takes to become noticeable depends on how the Miniware is being cleaned. If you follow our instructions and wash Miniware with a regular soft sponge or in the washing machine using a neutral detergent usually the glossy surface should maintain around 4-6 months before it begins to slowly become less shiny.

Bamboo fiber is a natural material. Does this mean that Miniware will be stained when used with strongly colored foods?

Miniware is composed of natural bamboo fiber so if used frequently with strongly colored food staining could occur. However, in our tests when used with curry or sauce the products didn’t show significant color changes so don’t worry!

Is Miniware naturally colored?

Our Natural Bamboo color is undyed. All other color options (Cherry Blossom, Nordic Lake, Sandy Stone) are made from specially selected natural pigments.

Sometimes Miniware’s color is uneven, why does this happen?

Bamboo grown in summer and winter are different in color and can result in different color shading on the final product. As a natural consequence, colors vary slightly from batch to batch as we make our products in small batches.

Is it normal that Miniware has a grainy or rough texture in some places?

Yes, totally normal! Some grains within the material extrude slightly from the surface and can feel rough because we do not add any additional chemicals and bamboo has natural variations in its grain size.

Why is Miniware slightly heavier than plastic or some other material bowls?

Our current products have the optimal thickness for maximal durability. The product weight improves feeding for little ones. With or without the suction foot the heavier weight reduces the chance of knocking bowls over and spilling food. Additionally during prototyping we found if too thin the product may become brittle after repeated cycles of heating and cooling, reducing the lifetime of the product.

What is the purpose of the white ring in the suction foot?

The white ring prevents the suction foot from being released when kids push or pull on the product from side to side. Even without the ring our suction foot forms an tight seal but using the ring ensures a strong hold. The white polypropylene ring and silicone suction foot are both food grade level and safe even if accidentally ingested.

Is there an expiration date for bamboo fiber-based tableware?

There is no expiration date for bamboo fiber-based products. Their lifetime differs according to the user’s habits or usage, just like other tableware. Our designers own baby has been using samples for the last two years and the products quality has been proven by time and our own personal experience.

Are there any options in other colors or patterns?

Our current line features Natural Bamboo, Cherry Blossom, Nordic Lake and Sandy Stone. We aim for natural colors in contemporary tones and any future colors will continue to be blended only with natural edible pigments. That being said we are excited about extending our Miniware line in fun and exciting ways every year so stay tuned!

What are the existing shapes?

We currently have three shapes: cereal bowl, snack bowl and a plate. We also have two cutlery sets in bamboo fiber (dishwasher safe) and natural bamboo (hand wash only).


What surfaces can Miniware be used on?

In our experience Miniware can be used on any sufficiently smooth surface

such as wood, glass, marble etc. When leaving the factory, our suction foot is lightly covered with lime powder which prevents the silicone material from adhering. For the best results rinse the suction foot before first use.

How should Miniware be cleaned?

Miniware is safe in the dishwasher. If washing by hand, a regular soft sponge is best as the product surface can become scratched with a rough scrub sponge. Steel wool is not recommended.

Is Miniware microwave-safe?

Yes, Miniware is suitable in temperatures from -4°F to 284°F. Please do not microwave more than 1 min in an 800W Microwave. We recommend microwaving food in another container before using Miniware to feed young children which ensures food is cooled and avoids burning a child’s mouth.

Can Miniware be sterilized using hot water?

All materials made of natural products experience softening when exposed to extended

heating and can reduce the product lifetime. We suggest a maximum of 30 seconds of heat exposure when sterilizing Miniware.

How should Miniware be stored?

We recommend wiping after washing and then drying in open air. Avoid storing in damp locations. As Miniware is made from natural materials please avoid longsun exposure.

How durable is Miniware?

Miniware is sturdy but not break-proof. If dropped from a sufficient height Miniware may be damaged, cracking rather than shattering into sharp pieces. Please use with care and avoid heavy pressure or sudden impacts. Please do not continue to use a broken product.

What should I do if the suction foot does not properly attach to the bowl?

A product manual is included in each package with graphical instructions on how to assemble bowls with the suction foot. If a customer finds that the suction foot still cannot be attached to the bowl or bounces off after following the instructions on the manual, please notify the retailer from where the product was purchased and Bonnsu will assist with the issue.

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