About Us

Design For Our Generations


BONNSU was founded by Swedish designer Adam Bonnier and Taiwanese designer Ai Su Bonnier. The brand brings the couple's' ideal lifestyle into reality by creating a modern, smart and enjoyable lifestyle for our generation. We are focused on the similarities & differences in human behaviors and breaking through boundaries from country to country, culture to culture.  Our goal is to tackle sustainability and health in every product we develop whether it be using only 100% natural materials or improving product lifespan and end of use disposal.

BONNSU is for those who love premium home décor with a modern touch and Eco-consciousness. We are constantly inspired by personal experiences from love of food, home arrangement, parties, and parenting.


"When I design there is a constant inner struggle between my Nordic simple aesthetic and my desire to tell rich personal stories. It's not always easy, but always rewarding." 

- Leading Designer/ Adam Bonnier 

"Design is the process of analyzing the society and art is a process f analyzing myself. Both of them are exhausting yet addictive. 

- Leading Designer/ Ai Su Bonnier